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In Progress: Our Home Office

Turning the former dining room into the current office was a great decision for our family. The motivation behind it was to have a designated space for our real estate business and have a set spot to bring clients to that had doors that could close for kid-free conversations. We at the middle to end of […]

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Dining Room Progress

One of my favorite decisions with this house was switching the dining room into the formal living room. I adore the space we have in this room. Right now you are just seeing it with the furniture from our last home in it so the furniture looks like it’s being swallowed by the size of […]


Useful Tip: E-Bates

Every once in a while I like to pop in with some useful tips. Like the couple of “Finding it Cheaper” posts I’ve done on the Dollar Store and Kirklands. I figure there are a lot of people reading this blog who specialize in DIY and getting things done in an affordable way. That’s like the […]

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Master Bedroom Progress {and our new mattress!}

As promised I’m walking you through our home room by room as we unpack. Becky, a blog reader, specifically asked for in progress photos before everything was perfect, so that’s what you are getting here. You’ll see the too short curtains hung with ribbon, too short bed frame and artless walls. The non-matching nightstands were […]


The Rug Shapes the Space

Here we go on part one of our living room makeover! I ordered the rug we picked out from Rugs USA on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday night so here I am at 4:40am on Thursday typing away at my post while brainstorming how I’m going to retake half the photos of the room with […]

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Biscuits & Company

This restaurant is the kind of place that made me think I must have been out of my mind every time the thought entered my mind to give up bread. My mom had been raving about Biscuits & Company since we first arrived in Maine last Saturday and then steadily mentioned it in conversation until we went on Wednesday morning. When […]

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DIY Mama: Getting it All Done

I’ve heard from some of you during the survey that you wanted to know how I get a lot done during the day with two little kids, without my kids hating me by the end of the day. I promised a day in the life post. Well, here’s what happened last Thursday. Everything will change […]


New House: Kitchen Thoughts

We had been in the new house for four nights when we left for a week in Maine on Saturday. We eagerly put away as many boxes as we could, and broke them down, before the recycling center closed on Saturday so that we could come home to a relatively chaos-free home without piles of […]


Exterior Tour of our “New” Home

Happy Weekend, Friends! Welcome to the exterior tour of our “new” home. I tried to give you a feel for what each window or area of the house is on the photos so you can {maybe} picture how the house is laid out. I’ll walk you through the yard so that you can picture walking from […]


We’ve Moved In!

Let me introduce you to our new house (and the most gigantic moving van which AJ was somehow allowed to drive without a special license, he credits his success not hitting anything to growing up driving farm equipment). We’ve been living here for two days… I want to just put everything away immediately so it […]