Upcoming Week of Craziness

I’m sitting here at the computer trying to work up the energy to sand the plaster we put up in our living room about two weeks ago. AJ started April vacation yesterday which means we have a week to get projects done; think we can bang out the stairway project we were working on and […]

Hutch Slider

Crisp Gray Hutch Makeover

Remember how I told you we had this goal to pay off our debts this year? One of the way I am attempting to help with this goal is to redo some furniture and sell it, but you already know I love doing this. When I walked into one of my favorite thrift stores I […]

Joanna slider

William Sawyer’s Nursery

As we are in the midst of working feverishly to get our stairway makeover almost done, or at least done enough to show you phase one, I have an adorable nursery of a local mom. Joanna pulled together such a boy-ish space for her newborn without it feeling stereotypical at all. Here is the sweet family… […]

Lily slider

Elle’s Lily Pulitzer inspired Birthday Party

Easter weekend whizzed by with family in town for the holiday and Elle’s second birthday party. Elle is a dress and pearls kind of girl. She’s always begging for my pearls and to do multiple outfits changes a day. I think she believes she’s a host at the Oscars.  When my mom gave me a makeup […]


Sea Fan Art

It’s been a week and a half since I last posted and in that week and a half I’ve closed on a house for a client, redone furniture, traveled to New York to visit family and worked on this project. Just in case you were wondering why I hadn’t posted.  My good camera is still […]

Kirkland's Collage

Spring House Tour 2015

Don’t forget to enter the Kirkland’s gift card giveaway at the bottom of this post! Hosting Easter and having this house tour have really pushed us to get some projects done around the house that we might have just been a little bit more lazy about otherwise… and because we still have two weeks till […]


Olive Branch Spring Wreath

A new Hobby Lobby opened near-ish to us. {Insert cries of elation here.} My mom, the kids and I went up today and I got some fabulous supplies to make the world’s simplest spring wreath for our door. It’s season neutral. Fall, spring, summer. Whatever, it’ll work for all. Here’s what you need: 1. A […]


$5 Spring Arrangement

If you know me at all, or follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a total sucker for flowers. Especially this season. This winter was a hard one with the incredible amounts of snow we got but I’ve found having a simple vase full of flowers in the house every week seemed to make me […]


Money Talks: Buying Well, Choosing Less

In January I wrote my first “Money Talks” post and it seemed to resonate with some of you. I’ve been devouring Dave Ramsey’s book “Smart Money, Smart Kids” and have been getting more and more excited about ways to handle our money.  I’ve even been sharing the things I’ve been learning with the girls in […]


Light and Bright Kitchen Buffet

Remember how I found this dresser on the side of the road right before Christmas? Did I tell you how I became a crazy lady and pulled out all the drawers so no one would take it until AJ could go back with the truck for it? The dresser is incredibly well made and it […]