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Ultra Simple Cranberry Sauce

Last year when I had my Junior and Senior High Girls Sunday School class come over to bake to raise money to donate to World Vision (have you seen their gift catalog) I was introduced to a delicious and incredibly easy recipe for homemade cranberry sauce by one of my girls. Emily’s family has used […]

GG Whale

10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Homie for under $50

I figured I could make a Holiday Gift Guide that would fit a whole range of people… and then I thought I’d probably be best making one for someone just like me. A Homie. A person who adores home and making their space, no matter how small, their own. So, Ladies, forward this on to your […]


Warm and Cozy Bedding

I always hesitate to show you photos of Drew’s room. It’s so unfinished still and I feel like I haven’t had the decorating inspiration in there yet. The walls have the paint peeling off the wallpaper and the paint has been coming up off the linoleum since we painted it. The lighting is terrible and […]

Migonis Home Cocoa and Cookies Party 2

Cocoa and Cookies Party (with a fantastic giveaway!)

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved hot chocolate. I love all different kinds, I love experimenting with the flavors and I definitely love a little side of cookies. Last year I hosted a Cocoa and Cookies party for the families in our church that had kids around Drew and Elle’s age. You can read […]


Random Things that Work

I have all these things I want to share with you… but none of them are large enough of a post in themselves so I figured I’d plop some good advice all into one bog post in short little snippets. People often ask me how I get it all done. I don’t. Ever. BUT I do get […]


A Textured {and FREE!} Fall Reed Arrangment

I’ve got just about the easiest fall arrangement for you today. And it’s free. I’m not sure if there could be a better combo. Every time I drive by swampy or marshy areas I always stare at the amazing cattails and common reeds. I love their texture and how full they are. I started thinking […]

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Thanksgiving Table + Mariposa Giveaway

It’s a chilly rainy November day as I’m writing this post. It feels like a perfect month for Thanksgiving. Bre from Rooms for Rent challenged some of her friends to come up with a Thanksgiving table. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I want to do something like this warm and inviting table where yummy foods […]

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Pottery Barn inspired Advent Calendar

The minute I saw the Pottery Barn Gilt Galvanized Advent Calendar in their Christmas catalog I knew I had to make my own version. Theirs was $159, way over my budget for Christmas decor. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so I don’t want any Christmas decorations up until at least the dinner is over. […]


Sweets and Treats

For a long time I’ve had this idea of writing a book. But it obviously couldn’t be a book like everyone else’s book who rehabs furniture or has renovated their home. There had to be something special and unique about it. While sitting in church about a month ago I think I figured out what I […]


Fall Wedding {On a Budget}

I was the wedding coordinator for a dynamite event in Boston yesterday. I come alive during events like this. Events where the Bride says that she totally trusts my judgement and that I can just make executive decisions and events where I can pull out ever budget-saving technique I’ve learned. I filled our car with every […]