The Farm’s Before Shots: Part 1

We are mostly done with unpacking (phew!) so I figured I’d share with you part one of our “before” house tour. I’ll cover some of the rooms on the first floor in this post. The quality of the photos are just from an iPhone 8 because I couldn’t find my good camera after moving. Welcome […]

Our New Home… A Farm!

Let me introduce you to our farm. We are moving in on Thursday and are so excited to put down roots here. We sold our last home on August 24 so we’ve been living the nomadic lifestyle for three weeks so it will feel extra special to be in our own space. Our three must haves […]

We are Moving!

When we listed our last house for sale we had a house picked out that had been sitting on the market for a while. We were so excited about it… until we wrote our offer and heard that another family made an offer at the same time. We felt so discouraged… and then we found […]