Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Staging to Sell

I love going to open houses. Especially well staged open houses that really give a potential buyer a feel for how a particularly tricky spot can be laid out... like this little desk right in the entryway. 

I was touring open houses a few weekends ago with some real estate clients and came across this little ranch. It was a flip and because no one was living there while flipping it they had it staged. You can totally sell a flip with very little (or no) staging and do just fine... that's what we did when we sold the house we flipped (to make enough of a down payment for our current house) and we got above asking for it BUT I think that's the exception. Staged homes generally sell for more than unstaged homes.

I want to show off this particular home because I think the stager (unfortunately I have no idea who they were) did a great job finding tasteful furnishings that accurately showed off the size of the house. You'll probably notice that every room has a neutral paint color... which could look very blah to potential buyers if it wasn't paired with great pops of color. When flipping a home you can't go wrong with a neutral wall color... buyers will have a much easier time envisioning their own belongings in the space if they aren't imagining how much work it'll take to paint over a bold or bright color.

I find staging to be especially helpful when you have small bedrooms. A typical home buyer has no idea what size bed would fit into a small space but it's must easier to envision your things in that house if you see that a full sized bed is able to fit with two end tables, for example. Simply staging the bedrooms could protect a seller from just walking away believing the rooms / house to be too small for them.

The person who staged this home did a great job making the bathrooms feel spa-like with white towels, zero clutter and calming accessories. If you are selling your house, or intending to, take the lead from this home and have zero clutter out (ie: buyers don't need to see any of your toiletries)... it's amazing how much more restful it makes the home feel.

I think the kitchen is one of the few rooms that don't need to be staged but if you are going to then take the lead from this kitchen and use plants, food that won't spoil and white or neutral dishes.

What are some of the best home staging tips you've seen?
I'm itching to flip another house... whenever I see homes with potential on MLS I get all excited and think about what we could do to them... :)


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Beverly Ocean View Homes: Take Your Pick

My fabulous cousin just started watching the kids on Thursday mornings. Last week during my few hours of kid-less freedom I ran around like a mad-woman trying to take care of some things for a real estate deal AJ and I have closing this week (we are the selling agents) and while I was in Beverly by the town hall I decided to head to the ocean and run stairs. Running stairs isn't so bad when you're staring at the ocean... until you start breathing so heavily you wonder if you'll just drop dead right into the ocean.

I snagged photos of ten homes with ocean views. Most of them backed up right to the ocean... take your pick, Friends. :)

I think they all have great points but if I were to pick three that were my top styles it would be four, seven or eight. For years I've loved house number seven... the property would be perfect for a giant summer party. Don't let my choice sway you... what would you choose?

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Makeover to Makeover...

You know how I like makeovers.
And sometimes I even remake perfectly good pieces of furniture. :)

Remember this bold purple dresser?

It was a great piece but the color was a little bit too bold to be a fast seller on Craigslist. So I remade it into a very classic tailored piece that is now sitting in a soon to be nursery. I love when my pieces go to great homes! (Sorry about the poor picture... it was so hard to get the right lighting with the sun pouring in from that window!)

Isn't it really incredible what a difference it makes to switch up paint and hardware?

(two very different colors than I've ever used before... you know me and my beachy color loving self. :))
A. Bold Mustard Yellow
B. Dark Red

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Broccoli Cheese Soup

You may be wondering why I'm posting a "heavy" soup in spring. This soup is different from other typical broccoli soups... it's a Cook's Illustrated recipe that includes loads of spinach and zero cream.

It's easy to make and doesn't leave you feeling ridiculously heavy after dinner.

I've found a hand blender is amazing to have while making soup...it's a thousand times easier than transferring back and forth to a blender!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! :)

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