Spring Floral Watercolors

Welcome to our little made over back entryway! February was my month to pick an area a day to organize. One day I looked in the skinny cabinet that sat here and thought I could easily ditch the cabinet and either recycle or reorganize everything that was in it. And so I did. Our driftwood […]

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Swap It Like It’s Hot

Before you read and judge me for the awful photos: everything was taken with my phone. My camera just broke and won’t focus. About a month ago I was sent four items from Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies. She found these items at a thrift store and my job was to make them over or […]


Artisanal Lavender Wreath

Let me introduce you to this gorgeous smelling new addition to our home. I ordered Bambeco’s lavender wreath the other day for a touch of spring to our house (despite the fact that we easily have four feet of snow to melt still). I popped the wreath on the door to our basement. The door is directly […]


Organizing Winter Things

Remember how I told you I was trying to organize an part of  our home every day? The other day I tackled our ridiculous amount of hats, gloves and mittens. I purchased an over the door shoe holder from Marshalls for $5.99 and devoted a row to each person in the family, except to AJ, […]

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Bathroom Renovations

You know AJ and I love real estate… I’ve chatted with you about flipping a house shortly after we were married (anyone ever said “I do” and then spent the next six months working on a flip while working full-time?) and then how we used the profits to put a larger down payment on this home. […]


Living Room Plans

The living room has long been my least favorite room in the house… which is too bad for the amount of time we spend in there. Before making an decisions about things to change I decided to really try and figure out why I didn’t like it… what was making me feel like it wasn’t […]


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday the kids and I went to Trader Joe’s and grabbed two bunches of pink tulips for my parents and sister… we had them over for a Valentine’s Breakfast this morning and used their flowers as centerpieces. I’ve been working on tweaking this great recipe for waffles that I found on All Recipes a few […]



Some times I feel like I need something big to post if I’m going to post but here’s the thing… big things aren’t happening all the time. Real life is happening. You know… like folding endless piles of laundry and putting it away. Cleaning things under the bed. Grocery shopping. Today during nap time I […]


M & M Valentine Cookies

I’m a mom to a pre-schooler which means when Valentine’s Day hits I need to make 20 of some sort of Valentine’s treat to send with Drew. Drew has been painting and drawing Valentine’s for each of the kids in his class which we are going to clip onto a bag holding one of these M&M cookies for […]


February Instagram and Facebook Giveaway

Today I’m launching a fun monthly giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Every month on the first Friday evening of the month I’m going to be giving away a fun prize… it’s never going to be anything expensive but just something that will be a fun little treat to say “thank you” to one person who […]