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Enchanting Inspiration No. 8

Hello from Ocean Park, Maine! We are having a wonderful time on vacation with my family… it’s always so nice to have extra adults per child. I love lazy days at the beach where there are few projects that need to happen… Instead of painting and creating this week I’m dreaming of ways to make […]

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Tour Through Blogland

I’m partnering with a few of my friends on a “Tour Through Blogland”… and we have to answer some questions about ourselves. I love these kind of things! What am I working on now? Nothing. I’m on vacation in Maine with my family and it’s great to have a break from projects for a week […]


Makeover Monday: Hello Little Cottage

Hello Friends… I’m kicking back this week in Ocean Park, Maine with my family. I’ve been coming up here since I was still in my mom’s stomach and only have missed one summer when our cottage was torn down and was not at all habitable. My great-grandparents bought the cottage in the 1960s and about six […]


Artwork Giveaway + New Website

I am SO excited about today’s post. Here’s why: 1.  I have a great giveaway for you in honor of the newly designed website for Migonis Home. You are going to LOVE Melissa Lyons artwork. And THREE people will win! Here is a sneak preview of one of her pieces: 2. You’ve been amazing at putting up […]

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Everyday Enchanting (No. 7) + Whole 30 update

This coming Sunday is my last day of the Whole 30 challenge. I’m finding myself rediculously excited for it to be over and really nervous at the same time. I’m one of those people that does so much better at going cold turkey when giving something up, like with this challenge, versus having the discipline […]


Stained Front Doors

A blog reader, Annie, recently asked me what I thought about stained front doors as opposed to painted ones. There weren’t very many houses that I could think of that had a stained door… and besides you know that I love a classically painted door (or one that adds a great pop of color to your house): […]


Shutters Everywhere!

I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing this with a container full of cherries next to me. I can’t stop munching. I tell myself “just one more” and then I tell myself that five more times. Somehow the container of cherries has dwindled to half.  I digress. Here is what happened here this weekend. The […]

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Ways to Decorate for Summer (that won’t die!)

As I was looking around my house yesterday I realized that I had a lot of decorations this year that I designed to last. I love (okay, adore) flowers as much as the next person but since I don’t have a garden that is brimming over with flowers and my wallet won’t let me constantly buy […]

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Enchanting Inspiration: No. 6 + Some Info

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well… the kids and I ran a few errands this morning so AJ could work on the rest of the shutters for the front of our house. I am SO excited to get those up. Maybe Monday you’ll see the reveal? No promises but I’m going to be […]

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New England Chairs

Have you ever had slip-covered chairs with a three year old? No? Then you are certainly smarter than me. I was washing our IKEA slip-covered chairs every week and they are still incredibly stained. I just about had it the other day when I pull them out of the wash and within a few hours […]