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Signature Style GIVEAWAY

Have you had a chance to check out all the fantastic homes featured in the Signature Style series that I posted about yesterday? No? Neither have I. Carrie, from Making Lemonade, posted this great round-up of everyone today. Make sure you check it out HERE right after you enter to win in this FANTASTIC GIVEWAY brought […]

Beachy Chic collage

Signature Style: Beachy Chic

A BIG WELCOME TO EVERYONE VISITING FROM THE SIGNATURE STYLE SERIES! I am thrilled have you at Migonis Home. Stay a while and make sure you follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing. If you are a regular reader you’ll recognize some of the things I’m talking about here […]

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Enchanting Inspiration No. 13 {Link Party and Highlights}

It feels like summer is over. AJ is officially back in the school, I’m crunching over leaves when I run and Drew has pre-school orientation in a few days. So tonight I’m hosting a fall dinner for friends in honor of AJ and Warren both returning to their teaching jobs for another fall. And it’s […]


5 Tips to Upgrading a Builders Grade House

I remember when my parents bought the house we spent the majority of our growing up years in. I was in sixth grade and for two years my mom had been driving us 45 minutes each way to school. My parents committed to our education even more once they knew our schedules would get crazier with […]


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover (Stage One)

After a few years of a disorganized bedroom AJ and I have finally made some progress with adding built-ins to our master closet… and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the added storage! Things got especially bad after we added the window in our closet because we lost some storage space, but I don’t regret it […]

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GIVEAWAY: Emily Ley’s Home Binder

We are a little behind the eight ball with the big project that I mentioned yesterday but I will have an update for you on Monday… I’m chomping at the bit to have it done and photographed for you! Today though… let’s talk about organizing and how one of you is going to be the […]

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Enchanting Inspiration No. 12

I cannot wait to share with you on Thursday or Friday what AJ and I are working on now… it’s big project that involves massive organization and was on our Home Goals list for the year . What are your guesses? I’ll give you a hint. I drove to Lowe’s to pick up their unfinished […]


A Whale of a Time

The kids and I drove down to Lexington, MA to visit my grandfather Monday; after we took him out to ice-cream at Kimballs he brought us down to his workshop so I could cut out today’s project. It couldn’t be any easier! Say “hello” to our new whale. I’ve been wanting to put something on our […]

163 Airplane

Fly Away with Me

When I hosted the Melissa Lyons art giveaway, and officially launched the new website, I asked readers to give me ideas for Etsy shops that they loved. I wanted to be able to partner with some of them this year. I had never heard of about half the shops you mentioned, so thank you! One of […]


Sunflower and Burlap Wedding Reception

Welcome to the wedding reception of AJ’s sister, Meredith and her new husband Charles…. Meredith had very definitive idea for the look of her wedding reception: decorate with sunflowers, cut wood and use some gorgeous blues on the tables. You’ve seen me post about Swank by Design, this fantastic shop in Hamilton, New York that […]