the flip: living room

AJ has been feverishly working on the flip and is just done about painting all the rooms and ceilings. Can I just brag on him for a minute? He is such a hard worker. He teaches all day and then goes to the flip most days after work until somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30pm and then goes back on the weekend. And it’s not easy work while he’s there… he’s been installing new windows (at least half of them were broken), laying a tile floor, painting, plastering, hauling out the remnants of the gross kitchen, etc.

Remember when the living room looked like this when we bought it?

Well, after some TLC from AJM we have a brand new coat of paint and holes that have been lovingly dutifully plastered… I’m not sure what we should do about the grate over the fireplace. The fireplace was filled in years ago but I think we could put a tin covering over it (like we did with our backsplash) and then put a gorgeous potted plant in front of it… what do you think?

The space below the window is where the heaters are… AJ just finished painting them yesterday so I don’t have an updated photo to show off… sorry, folks. And keep in mind we AJ will refinish the floors.

I told AJ when we first started to do the flip that I wanted to paint all the rooms varying colors of gray with a white trim… Months ago I was reading a design magazine that said “gray is the new beige” so off I went to pick out my colors… and then I was daydreaming about how to stage the house and I came across a photo of a present wrapped in gray and white paper with a yellow ribbon and my inspiration for accent colors in the house was solidified.

Picture something with pops of yellow like this photo, taken from here:

Or this (taken from here)… wouldn’t it be easy to replicate this???

And don’t even ASK me what is going on in the painting… I’ll defer to my artist friends, but I still like the pops of yellow here:

And I’m loving this color combo as well… both the above photos were taken from here:

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We are off to New York this afternoon to visit AJ’s family… tomorrow is his 33rd birthday! Yeah! Happy birthday, my favorite husband! :)