Makeover Monday: A Table Sawed in Two

I was weary about this post… like every day this week “ahh I’ve got to start my Makeover Monday project”… but it required sawing a table in half. Yep. I found this table for $5 at the White Elephant Outlet in Essex. AJ and I are sort of obsessed with this place and make regular trips to their $5 pile or their Buck Hut (which is conveniently next to their dumpster… I guess we know where the things go if they’ve been in the Buck Hut a little too long).

And yes, I did paint frames and vases on top of this table… what made you ask? :)

After I measured the size I wanted, a depth that was shorter than where the door’s molding starts, I hired my help. Here is my hottie husband cutting it in half. And no, he doesn’t normally do his construction work in his tie and sweater. And yes, our yard looks a little trailer park right now with some construction stuff out by our chickens and spray paint marks on the grass where I did my painting for Drew’s party. :)

I had to do some serious sanding and filling in holes with my trusty wood putty. This table had seen better days, let me tell you… I did all the work in the basement which meant that I could barely see what I was doing with the lighting down there. It is amazing how many little things I missed and am just seeing now in the natural light upstairs.
Eventually we would like to do proper built ins with hidden filing systems and all that jazz but that’s the low man on the totem pole. Behind basically just about everything else in the house. We chose Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray for the desks because it matched well with the stripes on our couch… although, the color looks significantly different than the paint chip… it seems to blend more into the wall than I had anticipated.
Here is the finished product with the table cut into half… making use of the awkward other end of our living room!
I’ve decided to make His and Hers desks so we each have a place to put our stuff. I haven’t made a cleat to hold the table up yet so nothing heavy, like a laptop, is sitting on it yet. Here is my desk, with a plant conveniently hiding the plug so Drew Baby can’t stick his fingers in the outlet.
I had to put risers under the table legs because the table was too short for anyone to sit there in a normal sized chair. I’m not in love with these but they were sitting in the basement so they will do for now.

Here is AJ’s desk… I set up the photo so that you can see the view into the entryway and picture how it looks all put together. See how desperately our tiled entryway needs to be scrubbed after the snow we had this weekend? :)

A view from the entryway:

I created this photo so that I could “pin” it to Pinterest.
This makeover is submitted to Between Naps on the Porch for their Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. Lorraine Christie says

    Jen, my word your vision is grand….whatever makes these great ideas just pop into your head……


  2. says

    What!?!?!?! That looks fantastic!! If we didn’t life 3000 miles apart I would hire you in a heartbeat to come decorate my house!! Love it!