Stripped Curtains… they make the room

Remember when I showed this photo last week… and I was all excited by the progress in the master bedroom?
Well, big changes are in store for you this week after AJ and I worked our little tushes off on Sunday. Today you’ll see stage one.
Basically I’m so excited for three reasons:
1. The curtains hide the outside of the grody windows.
2. Now we aren’t showing off for the neighbors when we get out of the shower.
3. Design mags have fun big curtains like this and I’ve been in love.

Here’s how I did it!
First, I bought two shower curtains at West Elm.
Then, I laid each of them out on our island and perfectly lined up the sides.
Then I used pinking shears (to prevent fraying) to cut down the fold.
Then I took about 45 minutes to sew simply sew a straight hem. It would have taken me about 15 minutes if I could have figured out how to thread the stupid lower bobbin. I worked about 20 minutes trying to figure it out and then somehow TWO TIMES AJ saved the day and figured it out. Darn you, AJ, for being good at nearly everything.
See how easy that was? Then came the hanging part. I bought two curtain rods that would extend to at least 60 inches at Christmas Tree Shop. I intend to spray paint the rods silver.
AJ had the very fun task of hanging them.
Then, after talking to Kim, my fabulous sister, I decided to use curtain clips, instead of shower curtain rings. Kim thought it would make them look more like curtains instead of shower curtains.
Just one more shot for good measure… :)
What do you think? I’m already in love.
We still have a million things left to do in here but we are making great progress!


  1. says

    A big WOW! Love the stripes. Love how the whole room looks. Love the reminder about using a shower curtain for purposes other than keeping water in a shower. . . . Nancy

  2. says

    Wow…they add such a finished look! My fave curtains were beautiful shower curtains I found at Kohl’s when we were first married. :)

  3. says

    One window is made up of 1 shower curtain cut in half… So two shower curtains for the whole room.

    Aren’t they the best, Kelly, for something fun and unexpected for curtains?

  4. says

    West Elm has definitely nailed it with these shower curtains. I’ve seen so many great rooms get even greater with them making an appearance. Great job! I’m attempting to make my own…we’ll see how that goes =)

  5. says

    WOW this post helped me so much, I have been wanting to do window treatments but the curtains I have been looking at are so boring, shower curtains are much more punchy and fun! Thank you for this tutorial :)
    xoxo Christina

  6. Anonymous says

    I love this idea of using shower curtains. I am working on it right now in my kids toy room. I was wondering how did you get them from the floor to ceiling?

  7. says

    Just wondering if the 72″ length was long enough. Usually for an 8′ ceiling I would get panels 84″ in length and 96″ for 9′ ceiling. Did you add to the length or do your curtains not touch the floor? Love the look and I have thought to do that as well but thought they’d be too short :)