Giant Height Ruler

I found this great tutorial for making a growth ruler (a Pottery Barn knockoff) at the blog 320 Sycamore and we had the perfect spot to place it in our front entryway. Anyone else have an awkward mini area they want to use usefully?

Steps to make the giant ruler:
Stain your board. I used Minwax’s Dark Walnut from Home Depot.
It is the same color as our table and floors.
2. Figure out where you need to hang your board. Unless you are going to hang your board starting at the floor it will not start at zero. Mine started at 17 inches since I had to go above our heater.
Print out your numbers. I used Century Schoolbook in 200 font.
Trace over your numbers with a ballpoint pen. The imprint will be left in the soft pine board.
Can you see the faint indent in this photo of the number 2?
I then outlined the 2 with a fine point Sharpie.

Then colored in the rest! I used a 1 inch line for each foot marker, a 3/4 inch line for each six inch mark and then a 1/2 inch line for every other line.

Here was my favorite part… actually making a mark that mattered:
Then came the boring part… hanging. I used this $4 kit from Home Depot.
The board is so soft it’ll be a breeze to screw the hangers into the back of your board. I made sure to line them up so the ruler would hang straight.

Here is the final product!

Thoughts on the project….
It was really easy and I loved doing it!
The board was more expensive than I thought is was going to be (it was $14.50 at Home Depot).
Drew and I are off to the compost pile now to drop off some yard waste and then we’ll go for a run around the County Club where people will be playing golf and sweating and wheezing a lot less than I will be. :)


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    I love this – it looks awesome! I just started following you a month or two ago – but find your blog sooo refreshing and so honest! And I of course love your DIY posts also. I have a fixer-upper on the south shore – so I can totally relate. I’m trying to get my own blog up and running but only have one post so far. :) We’ll see if I can bang out some more soon. Check it out if you want (I gave a shout-out to you in it):

    Anyways – good luck on your run! :)

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    So, I stumbled upon your blog and I think everything you do is genius :) Thanks for posting this height chart. Our son just turned 9 months and is growing like crazy, so I fell it love with this and just finished the board today. Thanks for all the great ideas!