Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Studious Child

I found this little antique desk at the dump on Saturday. I can't believe someone was throwing it away... granted it was a little rough but I was sold the minute I saw it and couldn't believe my good fortune!

It was obvious that there were layers and layers of paint on the top of the desk.
And one very odd hole.

The legs were all rusty, this photo doesn't even do it justice.

Drew loves chairs his own size so it was no surprise when he hoped right in... and found a screwdriver to stick in the odd hole. :)

Thanks to Martha Stewart's Precious Metals paint at Home Depot that we used for a tin ceiling I was able to give the legs new life.
Quite a difference, right?

My ideal for the wood was to do a dark walnut like our kitchen table and our growth height ruler but one of the pieces attached to the back of the chair couldn't be removed so stripping it was going to be more difficult. My second option was navy paint because I thought it would look sharp with the silver legs.

So, without further ado, and after cleaning and sanding, here is the after:

As you can see, I forgot to do the second coat of navy paint on the front side, didn't realize it till I was taking the after photos!

Hope you enjoyed this desk makeover! :)
What are your projects lately?

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  1. Jen, could I use the same type of paint to re-paint a wrought iron outdoor table (after cleaning it)? The desk looks great!

  2. What a sweet little desk and chair! You totally scored! I love the new paint job, and even the missed spot in the front kinda adds to it's charm- it's awesome!!

  3. Oh how cute...and Drew fits it perfectly!! I just posted my latest little project. :)

  4. I bet that hole was for an ink pot back in the day. Great find! And that metallic paint makes an awesome difference.

  5. Gotta love the dump!! Great job!
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio

  6. That is the best desk!!!!! If you ever find another one we would buy it with your remodeling for Ruby!!!!

  7. Also, where did you get Drew's rug?

  8. That looks great.I didn't know rusty metal could be painted or else I would have some desks already. I am working on a dresser that I made over 10 yrs ago.

  9. The metallic paint looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  10. Thanks everyone, and the hole was for an ink well... I love that. :)
    In answer to your questions, i have already emailed answers back to the question askers:
    The rug in Drew's room is from Pottery Barn Kids. It is amazing and even stains that have been in there for a little bit came out just the other day with Resolve.
    I wouldn't use this paint for outdoor furniture, I would use Rustoleum's Metallic Metal spray paint, it will be far easier! Home Depot sells it.

  11. Love the cute desk!!! Is the navy a spray paint or did you brush it on? Thanks

  12. Jennifer - Phenomenal!!!!! You are
    a visionary,....

  13. Love the desk! I'm always jealous of the things people find in the dump/side of the road... I once saw the most beautiful two-tiered mid century modern end tables on the side of the road only a block from my house but my husband wouldn't let me hop out and load them up... It was a sad day. Excellent make over! I really love everything you do. Keep it up!

  14. Great makeover! I love what you did with the desk. Your son is adorable!!

  15. One of my favorite color combos. You'll love this piece for years to come. Don't you just love a good trash heap? Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  16. Wow, you did such a great job on that! It looks like a whole new piece!

  17. I am working backward on your posts and saw this desk in your hanging bucket post :) Great redo and fun that he loves to use it! Win - Win!

  18. Hi,
    Unless it's a deep, dark secret, would you give me the name of the paint, the brand and the finish (it looks gloss). The metal looks absolutely great! I have a couple of things I want to paint navy and I'm looking for a great navy. So far nothing says, "Buy me!". So I'm collecting.
    Thanks muchly,

    1. Hi Cathy-

      I'm pretty sure this one was done in Behr's semi-gloss and was called Wrought Iron by Martha Stewart. I would have purchased the paint at Home Depot and did a built in primer with it.

      Hope this helps! :)


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