Marble Thoughts and Other Options

I’ve had people ask us a lot about our counters… they are Bianca Carrara marble and it was what I had pined after for years… basically every photo I cut out of a magazine had these featured. We decided to go with them after finding out that we could get a stain blocker applied by the company we ordered from that would make it nearly stain free (unless we left red wine on it over night or something like that). They weren’t cheap… it was the big splurge in our kitchen.
So, was it worth it and would we do it again, you ask…
I adore the look of it still, but no, I wouldn’t do it again… especially with a little guy who throws his food and eats (sometimes) directly off the counter. Even though we clean up every time after he eats we still have a mark by where his high chair attached to the island and he ate meal after meal.
Here’s why I wouldn’t do it again: there are alternative options out now that we didn’t have when we bought the counters. I’ve outlined some of my faves below.
I’m throwing in this photo just for kicks so you can see the work we are doing on our kitchen ceiling. It has to look worse before it can look better, right?
Here is a close-up so you can get a feel for what the fabulous veining actually looks like.
Another problem that we read about pre-marble purchase was that it scratches easily. That’s very true and basically sends AJ into a nervous breakdown whenever Drew starts banging on the countertop with some kitchen utensil we forgot was in close proximity to him. :)

The company that did the stain blocking for us gave us this cleaner (there is a monthly sealer that we need to use as well). Honestly, we haven’t been religious about using the cleaner because I use an all natural non-toxic cleaner (Green Works by Clorox) on it daily. Maybe that is why Drew’s area stained the way it did, I’m not sure.

We know we can always get it re-honed before we sell so it doesn’t look dirty in certain spots so we aren’t too worried but… we still probably wouldn’t do it again so here are some good look-alike options:
Okay, other fabulous options:
I will definitely consider these for our next kitchen
A Quartz countertop
 shown here Cambria’s Torquay (but Silestone has good options as well)
Pictured is the gorgeous kitchen from 7th House on the Left. They described it as “non-porous, heat resistant and low maintenance”. My kind of counter…
quartz countertops THE COUNTERTOP 411
quartz ceramiccow THE COUNTERTOP 411
Bianco Miramar Granite
I am having a hard time finding someone that retails this granite but it sure looks gorgeous…
I found this photo from Interior Canvas.
Pinned Image
(photo is smaller because it’s out of focus if I enlarge it)
Pinned Image
So maybe your budget isn’t huge but you still want the look of marble… no worries, Formica has you covered with their Calcutta Marble.
I would love to do this in a rental to make it look more high end.
Pinned Image
Enough about countertops… I want to show you how cute Drew looked in his little Colgate sweatshirt my mother-in-law sent him, and yes, he is wearing PJ shorts still and insisted on rain boots. :)
Okay, last thing I’m going to show off being signing off to go design a baby shower invite for my sister’s BFF. This week I decided to use all new recipes so I’d get out of my dinner rut… here is what I made last night. Two portobello burgers with grilled peaches, guacamole and sprouts. I would have changed the marinade to have less ginger / soy  but I loved it otherwise.

Hope you are having a great night!


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    Thanks for the marble review. We renovated our kitchen 4 years ago and I wanted white marble counters sooo badly. I also saw them in all the magazines I was looking at. Every company we went to said they would absolutely not recommend marble counter tops and we would need to sign a waiver that we had been warned about the problems. I did not like the look of granite as it is always to spotted and busy looking and did not want corian. We finally found a Quartzite the was a brown, not the white I had wanted but it has a really nice unspotted look and is supported to be harder than granite. So far I love them. I love the look of the white marble, but with 3 boys I am glad I was talked out of it.

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    Thought I’d share where Tim and I got our countertops – they’re Corian brand, but rather than paying full price from a supplier, we bought them directly from a warehouse in Arizona for a fraction of the price because they were remnants from another project. The website is here: and if you click on the “overstock” tab, you can browse the dozens of colors, countertop types, etc. We redid our entire kitchen for under $4k with brand new cabinets, countertop, sink, floor, fixtures, etc. and the countertop was only $1400, which included shipping and a corian sink fabricated as a part of the counters. Also, we fabricated (finished) the top of the countertops ourselves, which was really not hard at all and saved us tons of money (the salesguy at this warehouse sent us a whole fabrication kit and walked us through the instructions over the phone). I recommend you could use this site maybe for a future rental or something to save a buck but still get high quality!

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    Thanks for your post on this. I also love, love the look of marble and seem to gravitate towards it. It is nice to see other options out there. We are moving into a 1910 home in Melrose that needs a total rehab, so we are looking at kitchen design options as I plan for next summer. We have three boys…so you can imagine that function is a necessity! Love your thoughts and updates!

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    Another possible option are ceramic tiles that are made to look like marble. Of course you would have grout lines, but the look is pretty convincing. I may use these on our bathroom floor someday.