Makeover Monday: Surprise Inside!

I found this dresser at a local thrift shop, Second Glance in Gloucester. Every time I go in there I come out with fabulousness. Big time. I left with this dresser and had hopes of painting it and making it into a double sink for our master bedroom. I guess I was forgetting that our bath was about 6 ft x 6 ft in size and we’d need a shower and a toilet… errr darn it. Plans cancelled.
The top was pretty rough and there were some big holes in it from where a mirror had previously been.
But it was nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix.

I loved the pulls but they needed some work as well.

I bet you are thinking “c’mon Jen! not another white makeover!” but look down a little farther… I threw in some color… I thought the outside did need a little color, though, for the staging and used the painting Drew and I did together.
I used the same knobs that were on it originally but cleaned them and gave them a coat of the Martha Stewart Precious Metals paint that I had on hand from this project (Drew’s vintage desk) and this one (tin ceiling in the flip).

Thanks to a good idea from my friends over at liv + grace restored I had the idea to paint the insides of the drawers a fun color and not just leave them natural… I love them this way, it’s a fun surprise when you open the drawers now!

Isn’t that such a pretty blue? It’s the leftover paint from when I painted Danielle’s dresser.

So… tip of the day:
Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Any painting projects for you?


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    Actually, we were at out cottage for some of it, and actually got in a little relaxation, for once! Wait though, even there, we did hang up two more plates on my plate wall, hang up a fabric picture on our bedroom wall, as well as put another switch plate on our kitchen wall, which was taken down when I painted out in white, the paneling that was on the lower half of the kitchen. Of course that was two weeks ago.

    Oh, and, I did give a coat of spray paint to our “new” house numbers sign I will be posting about this week. So, yeah, I got in some painting as well, lol!

    By the way, love, love, love that dresser. I as well have a dresser I wanted to to put a sink (bowl) in our bathroom, but my husband just kept bringing up all these plumbing issues with doing that (huff!).

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    Do all these DIY white painted furniture look as good in real as they look on the photos? I am working on a project, and I love the white look, but even after two coats of paint, not everywhere is brilliant white… and I was wondering…

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    Love the surprise of blue! I’ve put a surprise on the inside of white dressers…decoupage with vintage sheet music, wallpaper or other ephemera. Have you tried that?

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    Sue, you were so productive! :)

    Do they all look as good in real life? After 4 coats of paint, yes. :) i have been using Behr’s ultra pure white with primer built in, its a glossy finish. Are you using a brush or roller? A roller covers soooo much better than a brush.

    Kris, I haven’t done the decoupage but I should try that! Thanks for the idea! :)