House by Hoff

One of the benefits of having a blog is meeting other blogging friends… one of the drawbacks is not meeting them in real life because they are from Indiana. Such is the case with April Hoff. She emailed me this past week and just asked for some feedback on her new blog. When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing (sometimes I still don’t), but her blog looked fabulous and inviting even though she only had four posts up at the time. I mean, she has a chevron background and amazing home accessories that I just love… Before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce you to April and Lily:
What I went gaga over was her daughter’s nursery. Take a look at this pictures and tell me that Lily isn’t a lucky little duck…
Here’s a good shot at the crib bedding. Isn’t that sweet?
Do you not just love that changing table? I love the details around the drawers!

And don’t get me started on these yarn letters. Adore.

Stop over to April’s blog to find out how she made this cute little art for Lily’s room:
For some reason my computer is being funky and it’s not letting me upload some of April’s photos. You’ll have to entertain yourself with this great little collage she made because I couldn’t get the book case or frame picture to load. Sad. If you are going to pin this stop by April’s page and pin from the source so she gets the credit. :)
Well, folks, that’s it from the adorable tour… wasn’t that so cute? April just started a Facebook page so readers can find out when she’s posting… I just “liked” it today, you can too right here.
Okay, since we are talking about babies can we just talk about how completely adorable Old Navy’s toddler boy stuff is right now? I wanted to buy Drew a completely new winter wardrobe filled with cable knit sweaters, button down shirts with ties attached to them and little polar fleece lined jeans (goodness knows he’s going to need them living here in our freezing house). I came home and emailed AJ to ask if I could spend $100 but then told him I was just joking… even though I sort of wasn’t. :)
How does Drew do in Old Navy, you might wonder… great, when he can pat that weird fake dog at the front of the store and when I let him get a 25 cent bouncy ball that I have to chase over the store. :) 


  1. Anonymous says

    Such a sweet room. I smiled about Drew patting the fake dog and playing with the bouncy balls…my now 14 year old son did the same thing went we went to Old Navy.
    Dawn B.