Makeover Monday: Living Room Windows

Because of the fabulous Hurricane Sandy we lost power just before publishing this post and didn’t get it back until about 2am this morning. I’m up at 4:45am now eating (nausea is still my best friend) and publishing it in case we lose power again!

You know that I’ve been saying for a while that the living room needs a lot of work… well, with Friday’s addition of the coffee table, and with the color brought in by our NEW CURTAINS I am starting to fall in love with the room… it’s coming together. And maybe I’m partially just falling in love with it because that’s where the Christmas music is coming out of every single minute of the day. :)

Let’s start with a “before” photo, that always makes things more fun, doesn’t it?
Here it is the first time we toured the house pre-purchasing it.

And, then after our own furniture was moved in and the window trim was painted:

The new curtains are, wait for it, shower curtains from Target (the Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom has shower curtains made into curtains).

Each window is made from one shower curtain, their Blue Grid pattern. Do you wonder why I’m always using shower curtains? I find better fabric on the shower curtains and it works out to be cheaper than buying it by the yard. Each shower curtain is 72 x 72 inches (or 6 feet by 6 feet). To find 2 yards of amazing fabric for each side for under $10 is pretty darn good… and then I needed to add a foot panel of white to lengthen the curtains. I used a white curtain from Target from my last apartment pre-AJ.

I cut each piece six inches from the bottom and then sewed the 12 inch panel in between the two.
Here is what the bottom turned out like… it wasn’t my idea to sew the bottom quite like this… I found it on Pinterest (the actual website is here).

The rods and curtain tabs are in their Antique Brass color, both are also from Target.

Without further ado, here’s is how it turned out…
It definitely makes the room feel more full and finished. 
Do you like how Drew’s beloved puppy has made an appearance for this photo? He’s sitting on the chair on the left.

All of our plants are inside because of frost and the storm… our living room is a little greenhouse!

If you want me to be really honest I only have lengthened four of the panels because the electricity kept cutting in and out and then I moved them around the room so you could see how it’ll look. I had no idea if this storm would be like the one last year where folks in New Hampshire had no power for eight days… EIGHT!

To check out our other shower curtains made into normal curtains look at our Master and Guest Bedrooms on the House Tour page.

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My rates are pretty inexpensive and it would be great to partner with you whether you are advertising your own blog or an Etsy shop!

Let me just show you how some of our Halloween festivities have started out (last year he was a puppy with a poofy belly, this year he was a lion with a poofy belly):

Drew was a little more interested in his candy than getting a photo with me. Shocking, I know.

When I wrote this we were sitting in bed cracking up at how bad AJ’s costume was…
he asked me why I let him out of the house like this. :)
We were literally the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
Since I was the White Witch I needed a long white dress… my wedding dress was perfect for it, only my pregnant belly made it a little difficult to get the whole back zippered up. :)

Hope you all are staying safe in the storm if it’s affected your area! 


  1. says

    Hi Jen,

    The curtains are gorgeous! Did you get them at Target recently, as they don’t seem to sell them online…I would love to recreate for my upstairs bedroom :-) Glad to see you guys made it thru the storm…we lost part of our fence but that was about it.


  2. says

    I have been eyeing some rugby stripe curtains from Pottery Barn Kids for my sons nautical room but at $90 a pop that would be a small fortune! I’m gonna try this with navy/white stripe shower curtains from Target and hopefully save a bundle! Thanks for the inspiration! They look fabulous! I love the print…we just bought it in green for our guest bathroom :)

  3. says

    Thanks, Everyone!
    Tammy- I got the curtains this weekend, my Target had a bunch of them but it’s weird they aren’t online… I searched and searched for them to show AJ!

    Target does have some fabulous striped versions similar to PB Kids!

  4. says

    Great curtains! They are such a great finishing touch for the space! I love it when you add something to a room and it makes a huge impact! Very satisfying!

  5. Anonymous says

    Love the look! I have also used the shower curtains, better material than I have access to in our rural area. I made curtains out of beige sheets that I have used for years in the summertime, (4 windows= a lot of yardage) an iron and some starch and they look better than Scarlett’s ballgown! lol, Beth

  6. says

    I have had a very long day, and just read your post and it gave me an instant smile – thanks so much! I love Drew’s costume, and you are the best looking witch I’ve ever seen :). It is amazing all that you get done despite nausea and no power.
    I was a big fan of your living room already and the window treatments are a great addition.

  7. says

    Hey Jen! The curtains are FAB!!! I always have trouble finding shower curtains or regular curtains that I actually like–but those are a great find!
    Glad you were able to get power back. Down here in NJ it’s a MESS. Just now had the ability to get on the internet. Keep NJ in your prayers!! We probably won’t get everyone power until Nov 9th they are saying now :( Thank goodness for the few shops that are open with free wifi :)

  8. says

    love that you all dressed up on Halloween! we Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the grouch last year. this year thinking about caps for sale… my husband will be the peddler and me and my arielle monkeys with caps!

  9. says

    I just bought these exact shower curtains today, with the intention of making them into curtains for the living room. I was searching for images of lengthened curtains, and found you! I hope mine turn out as lovely as yours!

  10. Anonymous says

    I have been wanting to add a pop of color w/our very neutral gray/brown furniture and have accent colors in gray/teal/green. I went to Target today to make curtains out of shower curtains, that I had seen on Pinterest. I found this exact pattern you used and purchased them before I had seen your blog. I came home looking up ideas on how to make them longer, and found your link! Seeing your curtains was the selling point for me, as I didn’t know for sure if I would love them! I haven’t yet added the panels to make them longer, but LOVE the added color it gives our living room! Gorgeous! Your house is so lovely and I wanted to say Thanks for the pictures and ideas!!! :) –Leah B.