Accessorizing Well

Today I am thrilled to have April from House by Hoff guest posting here… I asked her to share on accessorizing because I feel like she does it so well in her own home. Stop on over to her blog after reading and being inspired and follow along with her.

Here is her beautiful family!

Hello Migonis Home readers! I am April, from House by Hoff, and I am one of you! I am a follower and fan of everything on this blog! Jen was one of the first people that I even told about my blog (in a random comment, on a random post, one random day). She has been kind enough to offer me lots of encouragement, great advice, and a guest post on her blog! Yipee!!!

Ok, let’s get to it!  Accessories.  Everybody has them, but they can confuse us, am I right?  I have found that there are a few helpful tips that can make accessorizing your home easy easier!

Tip #1:  Look for Bargain Accessories or Make Them Yourself
Ok, confession time.  I used to think that shopping at Goodwill or garage sales was a little…icky.  That couldn’t be further from the truth now!  Ever since I became obsessed with milk glass, I find myself Goodwill hunting (pun totally intended) and looking for garage sales all the time!  I’m not suggesting that you never splurge on a great accessory though, sometimes you just want what you want!

My holiday vignette is a great example of using bargain accessories.  I can’t wait to break this down for you!  The mirror was a Goodwill find for $11.  I simply painted it to match my decor.  The footed milk glass bowls were purchased at garage sales for $1 and $3 respectively.  I made the square boxwood wreath with burlap bow (tutorial coming soon on my blog) and the JOY banner myself.

Tip #2:  Mix it Up!
In my home you’ll find many instances where I have mixed and matched three of my favorite accessory types; vintage, natural, and industrial.

A great example of this mixing and matching is my workspace in my laundry room.  Here you’ll see vintage blue mason jars and milk glass, industrial pieces with my galvanized containers and the chicken wire on my inspiration board, and natural touches with my boxwood topiary, greenery, and burlap in the jars.  I love this workspace!

Tip #3:  Have a Sense of Humor
This should really be a tip that you follow in life in general, but, since I’m not a life coach, I’ll stick to decorating advice!  It’s fun to have a humorous framed print, funny accessory, or funky fabric in your home.  You’ll smile when you look at it, and marvel at how clever you are!

These prints in my kitchen really do make me smile when I read them. 

I love the look of these two patterns together.  Something about it just makes me happy.

Tip #4:  Edit Yourself
I know.  I know.  You have fifteen accessories that you really love.  I do too.  This rule is the hardest one for me to follow!  Just because you have fifteen accessories that you love, doesn’t mean that they all get to be out on the same table at the same time. (Unless they happen to look amazing together, then go for it.)  Prioritize which accessory is your favorite or is the most important to have out, then add just a few more here and there.

My console table was particularly hard for me to accessorize.  I had too many things that I loved and wanted to put on it.  I knew that my first priority was my black framed family pictures.  I added just a few more pieces here and there to add detail and color.

To avoid cluttered looking surfaces, mix and match things of various size and height.  Start with bigger items in the back and work your way to smaller items in the front.  Odd numbered groupings usually work best.  Sometimes you get the look you want on the first try, but not usually!  Try a couple of different combinations before settling on one.

Tip #5:  Be Patient
You should be laughing at this, because I am one of the least patient people I know.  If you’re decorating on a budget, like I am, sometimes you have to wait for the right accessory at the right price to find you.

Case in point, this rug.  I looked in the rug aisle at Marshall’s and Home Goods (two of my very favorite stores for accessories) every time I stopped in for six long months before I found her.  I knew we’d cross paths, but I didn’t know when.  Then, one November day, there she was!  My yellow geometric rug that accents my striped curtains and chevron pillows perfectly.  We’ve been exclusive ever since!

Another example of patience paying off!  I couldn’t figure out what to do with the side tables in our master bedroom.  They sat pretty bare for quite some time.  Then I found these beautiful gold lamps at Marshall’s one day.  They are the perfect finishing touch!

I want to share with you one more tip that took me years to figure out!  Accent colors, like the yellow rug and the yellow zig zag in the chevron pillow above, do not have to match perfectly.  I used to painstakingly search for accessories that were exact matches.  I thought that the rug had to perfectly match the stripe in the pillow, which should perfectly match the vase, etc.  I was wasting my time!  The colors do not have to be perfectly matched, they just need to be reasonably close.  When looking at the room as a whole, the eye reads them as the same color, and you’ll never be able to tell the difference!
It has been a real pleasure to guest post on Migonis Home today!  Thanks for reading!  I hope you stop by my blog, and visit often!
Have a great holiday season!
–  April


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    I love your semi vanity table underneath an exquisite piece in the lower cupboard. You have given me a design idea as I now plan to convert my vanity table into a living room fixture.

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    You have a beautiful home. I like your sense of style and resourcefulness. Thank you for your wonderful tips and insights, it gives me inspiration on what to do in our new house.

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    You know what, I, too, used to search for decors, curtains and pillows that were coordinated for my flat. I was going crazy every time because it’s really hard to find matching sets. But then I started to mix and match, even with colors and I was pleased with the results.

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    For me, it’s not just about accessorizing your home. When we had kids, we installed security systems in our home so we can feel safer with the children around.

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    You did a good job in remodeling your home; it’s a perfect mix and match. Your house actually is one of my inspirations in remodeling and redecorating my house!

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    I like the color palette chosen here. I think the earth tones make their presence felt, and that actually adds to the beauty of it all.