Counting Down ‘Til Christmas

Welcome to the Second Annual 12 Days of Christmas at Migonis Home blog!
I am beyond excited about this series and cannot wait to see what the participants have dreamed up. I’ve been having a blast decorating our house and trying to make it look distinctive from last year.

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I decided to add some red into our holiday decor this year; if you remember from last year I used a lot of natural greens with gorgeous blue and silver ornaments I had from Restoration Hardware’s post-Christmas sale about three years ago. This year both the red and the blue are making for a less sophisticated but more fun feel around our house and it’s been a blast to work in the red. Without further ado, here is our advent calendar:

I found a number of advent ideas that I loved on Pinterest but nothing popped out to me as something that worked well for what I wanted…

I envisioned using an old sweater to create little pockets for our advent treasures. I found an old extra-large red sweater at a local thrift store for $6 (and still have enough left over for a pillow to bring the red into the living room).

The letters and numbers were created in Word using a background I created with light blue stripes, a text box with rounded corners and a dark red font (Garamond).

The “christmas” tag was created in Pic Monkey, and amazing free web program, and I just uploaded the background I created in Word and used Pic Monkey’s great font for this.
The trees are left over from a gardening project and are potted in Wal-Mart $4 vases that we used for our wedding centerpieces. Use what you’ve got. :)

Each of the little pockets were created from the arms of the sweater. I wanted to do as little sewing as possible and it worked out that almost every pocket only needed the bottom seam sewn. I didn’t bother sewing the rough top edges.
For most of the pockets I tried to keep the little braid detail right in the center of the pocket. I then hot glued them straight to the window pane because we knew that would probably be the strongest option and so far it’s held up for two days.
Because the window only has twelve panes each pocket needs to hold two treats, hence the two numbers on each pane.

Our hardware store in town is going out of business (the owner recently passed away) and I picked up these large vintage-y looking lights for 50% off two weekends ago. I love how the calendar looks when just the lights are lit up around it at night, it’s so charming.
I placed a large square glass vase on the buffet to collect our Christmas cards… don’t you just love when those start rolling in?

Lastly, here is a zoomed out shot of our kitchen a couple of days ago, some changes have been made which you’ll see as the Twelve Days of Christmas progresses…
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    So vary cute and festive! I can SO relate to working with what ya’ got’, because my motto is “shop your pantry”. I would like to snag myself one of those old windows…By the way, could you tell me the color of paint you used in your kitchen and dining room? Perhaps you have already given the info. in another post, and if so, my apologies ahead of time.

  2. says

    Jenna- I didn’t post about that because I’m not entirely sure… but on Sunday for example there will be a slip of paper that says “buy the Christmas tree” and I have some ornaments for Drew to hang on the tree… I want to bring the Christmas story into it too but I still have to brainstorm how to do it so Drew will understand (one of our ornaments is a manger scene and he already likes our nativity set so that could help).

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    Love your “advent window”! :) For some reason, the square glass “dish” to hold your Christmas cards really appealed to me, and I made myself a note to look for one while out shopping! I found one (literally one) at TJ Maxx on clearance for $5! I think it was meant to be! :) Thanks for the inspiration!