Friday, January 11, 2013

A Pregnant Woman's Mocktail

We met with a lawyer about drawing up our will yesterday afternoon. We thought it was pretty important to line up a plan for Drew in case something happens to both of us. I was scared going into it. Scared that I would start to cry in front of the lawyer about AJ and I dying and leaving Drew. But that didn't happen (probably because I've already cried about that possibility right before AJ and I left for a night away in NYC recently). You know did almost make me cry? When the lawyer was talking to us about making our living trust (better for us than a will) and mentioned a situation if one of us died and the other remarried. I almost started tearing up at that thought (okay, well, I did start tearing up and then I totally gave myself a pep talk to GET IT UNDER CONTROL!). Sometimes it's easier to believe our lives will be like The Notebook and we'll grow old and then die huddled in bed together in a nursing home (except I hope the nursing home part never happens).
I'm not a big drinker but I do like a glass of wine while making dinner...
maybe I find it calming while Drew is literally pulling down my PJ pants in front of our kitchen windows (you think I'm joking) and yanking me away from the stove to play cars. :)
While working at a Christmas party recently (I will occasionally take on side gigs doing event planning) the bar tender mixed me up this fabulous drink that a teetotaler or pregnant woman would be all over. And quite honestly, I found it just as fabulous as wine.
It is ultra easy... assemble these items:
I like to buy 100% juice, no sugar added. Ocean Spray's Cranberry is fabulous in this recipe.
Tonic Water (as you can see the generic version works just as well)
Ice (about 5 cubes)
A lime wedge

Fill your cup with the desired amount of ice, then, fill the glass about 2/3 full of tonic water.
Pour it directly over the lime to get a noticeably "lime-ier" flavor.

Add your cranberry juice... I love the ombre effect created in this drink.

Top it off with a smidge more tonic water just to get it all mixed together well.

An easy, breezy mock-tail for anyone not drinking...
Enjoy responsibly! :)
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  1. Good Morning Jen!
    I drank this exact drink through my entire pregnancy :-) It made me feel special while everyone around me was enjoying a glass of wine. Hope you are feeling well!

    1. That is exactly the way I feel, Tammy! It totally feels special and fun!
      I'm feeling a little better lately... it's been encouraging. :)

  2. Oh Wow, I'm going to give this a try! It sounds yummy! I am one of the, it would seem rare nowadays, people who has never, EVER, consumed any alcohol.

    1. Saves you calories and the embarressment people sometimes face by having too much. :) Oh, and the cost of it. :)

  3. Can I ask how much the lawyer cost? This is something we've been talking about doing...all the trips to/from MA & NJ can make a person nervous. And our situation is particularly challenging since half the family is in Kenya! We meant to do that while in MA over Christmas, but perhaps just need to do it here in NJ. Feel free to email me :)

    1. It's not cheap... there were two different kinds of living trusts... but the range was between $2200 and $3500. When you come up if you want to meet with him (Dave Burbridge) we would recommend him... he made everything so clear!

  4. We are partial to cran-grape with seltzer. Since most of our relatives aren't wine drinkers we serve it with holiday dinners, and everyone loves it. It also makes the table look so pretty. Got the idea from the McCabes when we used to go over there for Thanksgiving dinners.

    1. Sounds great, Joy! I'll have to try that too!
      We love Newman's Own Lemonade or Limeade with seltzer too... perfect summer drink!

  5. I'm not a drinker so your mocktail sounds pretty good.

    I found you via your post on Dreamy Whites. I'm your newest follower and will be back to explore your older posts.

    1. Well, excellent! :) I'm so glad to have you following along! I think you'll like the mocktail!


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