Radio Flyer Library

I recently saw a photo in Restoration Hardware Baby (does anyone else drool over that catalog?) and shamelessly decided to replicate the project in Drew’s room. I love the pop of red in an otherwise navy and neutral room.

I moved out the toy box (most of his toys are downstairs in the living room now creating chaos) and switched it out with a wagon that Meredith’s fiancee gave to Drew. Our other Radio Flyer, the one Kim and I used growing up, is what Drew uses when he’s playing outside.

The front panel easily slides off so Drew can access all of his books easily. So far this has resulted in less books thrown everywhere and he can pretty easily recognize his favorites and pull them out.

I told you that you were in for an easy upgrade to Drew’s room… anyone else out there making switches in anticipation of their child moving to a more grown-up room (ahhh, how did that happen so fast?!?!)?
Oh, and completely off topic… but want to see the very practical purchase I made for Baby the other day? :) A Jason Wu dress from Neiman Marcus’ line at Target (Michelle Obama would be proud. (She wore Wu to the Inaugural Ball)). Yep, it’s January and my baby isn’t born and she has her Christmas outfit. For $17. I just bought the size Drew would have worn at that age. #planningahead
Doesn’t that make you melt?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Jenn, a friend bought that dress for her granddaughter – it is AMAZING!! Soooo well made!I “thought” she paid $60 for it but that was before Christmas. If so, you REALLY scored!

    • says

      she might have paid $60… that is what the original price was AT TARGET! I told myself I was only allowed to get it after it went on clearance. :)