Est. 2010

Yesterday I really got moving on Drew’s new room… I did most of the “primer” coat on the chair for his room and then made a little sign to go above his bed. I have this vision of his little twin bed decked out with a headboard in a tan linen fabric (more details on this later) with his ship wheel hanging above the bed. But I didn’t want the room to feel too tan-ish and I wanted to bring in some of the navy that I’m going to be using for the bedding. Here’s how I did it (in less than an hour):
I found a piece of scrap wood (make sure it’s a soft wood like pine) left over from our trim work and painted it navy that I had leftover from a dresser rehab.
I then took used a print out of Drew’s name (done in my favorite classic font Garamond) and placed it above the year he was born (Est. 2010).

Simply trace over these letters with a pen. Press down firmly. Because you are working with such a soft wood you’ll see the imprint of your letters. At this point you can take a paint brush and fill in the letters (which I did) or you can use a Sharpie paint pen (which is what I wished I did). The paint pen will get you a much clearer look for the smaller letters. I didn’t stress out about this too much since I knew I was going to be giving the entire board a light sanding. One of the great things about distressing is that by creating intentional imperfections it hides the ones that aren’t quite so intentional. :)


 Here’s how it turned out… I think it’ll look great with everything that I have planned for the room.


This would be an easy project to create for someone’s wedding gift… just write their family name above it and the year they were married below. Or write the name of the place you got engaged (my model for this was something Danielle and Warren bought for us that said Singing Beach, which was where we got engaged).
Have a wonderful day! :)

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    This is so cute! I’ve been wanting to make something like this because I recently got married. I recently found your blog and started following here and on pinterest :) Have a great weekend!