Moss Bowl

This weekend I really wanted to create a centerpiece that would last us all of spring… and even into the summer if I wasn’t sick of it by then. I had this great soup tureen bowl that was my launching pad and wanted to create a “moss bowl”, for lack of a better term. The soup tureen lid had unfortunately seen its demise when yours truly slipped during an awful rain storm on the way to a family gathering and it crashed all over the driveway of the house we had just arrived (late) at.
Here’s the how to… expect this to take under an hour…
First step: take some flexible cardboard (I used a cake mix and cereal box) and some packing tape and mold it to the shape you want your mossy top to be in; I taped my boxes directly to the soup tureen. Make sure you are watching Friends reruns on TV for this to be enjoyable. :)
Step Two: heat up your hot glue gun and start gluing your moss all over your cardboard. This doesn’t take long. I got an enormous bag of moss at Michael’s for 40% off which meant for this project, and others, like my spring mantle, it only cost $6.

Step Three: before all your moss is in place take any eggs (or anything else you want on your bowl) and glue those to the cardboard. Fill your moss in around the eggs.
Here is the finished project! If I want it to change seasons I’ll just remove the eggs and pop a little extra moss in it’s place.

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    Love your moss bowl. Are you going to mist it to keep it alive? I made a smaller moss bowl using reindeer moss which doesn’t take misting it just goes kind of crunchy, but looks the same. I love how simple it is to use around the house. I’ve been wanting to try a moss bowl, but i was going to get the moss at the cottage when the snow melts.

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      hi grace! it is faux moss, you buy it in a large bag at michael’s and it looks really real (except for a few strands of almost lime green moss that i just picked out. :)). i bet your projects will turn out fabulously!

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    This is awesome…and timely! I am going to attempt a moss monogram wreath soon. I just bought a bag of moss over the weekend and was thinking of hot gluing. Glad to see it worked! Thanks for the tutorial, the centerpiece looks great! :)

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    Oh wow…we LOVE this style! I have to report this find to my wife immediately. Every time we see moss decor at the store we stop and paw at it like cats. And that living room – beautifully simple!