Decorating with Faux Flowers

I’ve been wanting to bring some color into the master bedroom that doesn’t die… I’ve never been a big fan of fake flowers, they always just looked so fake to me, but I found these few stems at Joann Fabrics the other day with a buy one / get one special and they looked like the real deal to me.
Tip One:
One way to make faux flowers look especially real is to pair them with real elements… I could always mix these stems with some greens or twigs from the yard and that would instantly bring in the natural element to the room.

Tip Two:
 The color of these flowers are muted and beautiful. I love how they look in the gray bedroom. If you want your fakes to look real purchase them in a hue that you’d actually find in nature. People are going to guess pretty quickly your lime green ferns or blue tulips aren’t the real deal.
Tip Three:
Put them in a situation where you would find them in real life. Okay, so maybe my flowers wouldn’t be “in season” right now, but honestly, since it’s spring and so many gorgeous varieties are showing up in the florist shops now how many people know that?
What I mean is, and I’ve actually seen this around town, is don’t fill your outdoor window boxes with flowers that are mysteriously blooming in the middle of a snowstorm. Try to keep the situation as realistic as possible.
Tip Four:
Help yourself out. Put them in a great container that shows off the flowers in their best light. If you purchase a ready made fake arrangement often the flowers aren’t in a vase that are helping people imagine they aren’t real. It may be best to just purchase single stems and use your own vase.

Tip Five:
I don’t think you can tell that they aren’t real until you get right up close and look at them. I think that is a secret of faux flowers… until you are staring at them you can’t tell if they are fake.

Tip Six:
Often the leaves on fake flowers are the dead giveaway because they are so unnatural looking. Don’t be afraid to snip them off.
I’ve just joined April from House by Hoff and Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage as part of a series they started called $30 Thursday where we each complete a project for $30 or under. I want to invite YOU to share your $30 or under project next Thursday (April 4, the day before Baby is scheduled to make her grand and very pink entrance). Hopefully this will give you enough time to get your act together and craft, transform or DIY something. And if you don’t have a blog then send me photos that day of your project and I’ll pass them around to April and Shayna to enjoy as well. :)

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  1. says

    i like your blog and love your ideas, but i just can’t get my head around fake flowers–maybe an overdose in childhood from my “country”-style mother?

    • says

      haha, i get it… it was almost sacreligious of me to purchase them! :) i found an excellent fake once at restoration hardware and since searched for something that was just as classy… trust me, i won’t do it often. :)

  2. says

    I can never get fake flowers to look right. But, I think you may have just addressed some of my issues!! I’m definitely going to remember your tips the next time I see some pretty faux flowers. I LOVE the pale pink with the gray and while room! Just lovely;)
    I pinned it to a group board. I hope others can find inspiration and make good use of you wonderful tips!

    Your newest follower,
    Jenny from