Felt Heart Table Runner

Here’s just about the easiest Valentine’s Day craft ever…
You’ll need felt, scissors, paper and a hot glue gun. 
First, make a template for the size heart that you want with your paper.

Trace a bunch of hearts and cut them out and then do the same procedure with a smaller size heart for interest. You may want to iron your hearts… as you can see it looks like I crumpled mine in a ball. :)

Line them all up on your table just the way you want them to be arranged and start gluing under the edges of the overlapping hearts. Then you’re done. I told you it was the easiest craft ever! :)

I think this would look cute with white, red and pink hearts but I only had some pink felt on hand from another project. Then you can litter your table with candy hearts and make yourself crazy by telling your child to stay away from them. :)
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