Makeover Week: 70s Dresser turned Traditional Piece

I am so glad you are here for Makeover Week! I was prompted to do this week after being contacted by Country Chic Paint to sample and review their paints. It had been so long since I’d done a makeover and four quarts of free paint + a goal to do more makeovers + a fabulous thrift store right near us gave me the idea to do a whole week of makeovers. 
It was a fun day when the paint arrived in the mail. It was packaged so adorably! I’d never used chalk paint or finishing wax before so it was a fun experience to try these out.
We have this amazing thrift store near us called Savers. I rarely go in there without finding a dynamite piece to redo. For whatever reason there are usually amazing pieces here in the midst of a collection of pieces that well, to be nice, paint just won’t transform. I’ve rehabbed enough very old dressers to be really sick of sanding drawers down to make sure they move smoothly so when I saw this piece that said “1970s!” I knew I wouldn’t really have a problem with drawers moving since it was relatively new (comparatively speaking).
I love taking a piece that screams a certain generation and turning it into a very classic piece. When I saw the piece above I knew right away I wanted to transform it using the Dark Roast Country Chic Paint. I adored using this paint. I didn’t have to do any prep other than cleaning the surface and it was amazing at covering… this is two coats! It really does look chalky in person, sort of like a very flat paint.

I love clear glass (or acrylic) knobs and pulls and Hobby Lobby has a great selection of them for a decent price when you get their 50% sale. The sparkly knobs really pop against the dark paint.
The kids and I drove an hour each way one day to stock up during Hobby Lobby’s 50% off sale, we made a morning of it and went out to lunch and then came home with a big bag full of knobs and pulls.

The top drawer has some amazing built in storage!

Finally, one last shot of the what may be my favorite makeover EVER:
Come back tomorrow to see the farmhouse table redone!

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    love it! i have a similar piece in my garage that i plan to paint in gray! it is SO heavy though that we can’t move it to the basement for me to work, so waiting for all this snow to just stop already! :) love how yours turned out!

    • says

      thank you, cassie! this was so heavy too… i would love a garage to paint everything in… i do them all in our garage or basement and I know what you mean about dragging the heavy pieces down there (UGG).
      excited to see what you do with yours!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh! You have such an eye, Jen! It’s beautiful!
    I heard yesterday that there’s going to be a Hobby Lobby in Seabrook. Not too close still, but not as far!

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      I sent your question to CCP because this is my first time using chalk paint and she said it would hold up just like any other paint would. A protective coating of the wax should be applied twice a year.

  3. says

    What does chalk paint feel like after it dries and before you apply the wax? And after you apply the wax is there a difference? Also, how often do you have to reapply the wax coating to a piece so the paint holds up?

    • says

      Great questions… I had to send some of them to CCP to have them answer! :)
      1. The paint feels chalky (hence the name). The color is very matte looking but nicer than just a flat paint.
      2. After you apply the wax there is a difference, it gives the piece a super light sheen and feels waxy until it dries.
      3. You should reapply the wax about twice a year.

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    Gorgeous transformation!! Tell us more about the paint, did you use the wax on it yet? How does the price compare to other chalk paints? Thanks!

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      I did two layers of the Dark Roast then did a layer of polyurthane over the entire piece to protect the dark color and then I did another layer of Dark Roast so that I wouldn’t lose the amazing matte finish… that way if the color scratches then there is still a protected layer under it. I didn’t coat this one with wax but I did for the other pieces you’ll see on the blog this week.

    • says

      I sold it. It was one of those pieces I was tempted to keep but decided to make a little moula instead. :) Friday’s piece is going to be my “bold” challenge piece for you link party. :)

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    What a amazing job you did with that piece! It is gorgeous. The Dark Roast color is beautiful and the knobs are perfect. It adds just the right amount of bling and sparkle!

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    This piece turned out really interesting (in a good way) and, it may just be the “Jen-illusion,” but you make everything look so easy that I immediately went to the country chic website and ordered a sample. I have so much junky looking furniture with good bones and I’m sure I can do something fun with it!

    • says

      you are so funny! send me pictures of what you end up doing with the paint! and this isn’t a “jen illusion” because it is a BREEZE to paint with this paint!!!

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    Hi Jen! We bought this from you! We absolutely LOVE it! We are in the process of redoing the room where we are going to house it, but once it’s done I’ll send you a pic. You do such a great job! Your husband was so nice and accomodating on the day of pickup :) Let us know if you get any more farm tables, looking around for one similar to the one you just refurbished :) Betsy

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    Hey rock star! Long time no talk. :) Love y our piece and thanks for linking to the party! Just pinned it to the BHG board!

    Happy day friend!

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    Jen, found this through the lovely KariAnne at thistlewoodfarm. she pinned it to the Makeover Madness board and I was instantly in love! you did a wonderful job, I’m so jealous of her new owner :-)