Marbled Heart Crayons: House by Hoff

As always April, from House by Hoff, has a great project up her sleeve. Here is her Valentine’s Day craft that is perfect for moms with toddlers.
Hello, Migonis Home readers! 
I’m April, from House by Hoff, and I’m thrilled to be back guest-posting at Migonis Home today! I’m always looking for crafts that my 2-year old can help with, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found a new one! 

These heart-shaped crayons will be part of her Valentine gift for the kids in her play group, so it made it even more special that she could help!

1.  We gathered up all of the broken crayons in her crayon jar, then broke a few in half ourselves…{I’m hoping she won’t remember that part the next time we get the crayons out…}
2.  We peeled the paper off of the crayons.  {She was really engrossed in this step…she loved peeling the paper off!}
3.  Whew!  We made a mess!
4.  We filled each heart in our muffin tin with broken crayons.  I put the muffin tin in the oven for 6 minutes at 250 degrees.  I left them on the stove to cool for about 10 minutes, then placed them in the freezer.  {This step will vary depending on the type of heart-shaped muffin pan you use.  Our muffin tin had pretty small hearts, so it didn’t take long for the crayons to all melt together.}
If I were do this again, I think I would try using a silicone muffin pan.  It was pretty difficult to get the crayons out of each heart mold in one piece.  I ended up banging on the back of the muffin tin with a small hammer.  I put a soft towel underneath, so that the crayons wouldn’t break as they hit the counter.  It ended up working out ok.  :)

I’m so pleased with how cute this super-easy craft turned out!
 Love is in the air over at House by Hoff
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Have a great day! :)
Thank you so much, April, for such an adorable and easy craft! :)

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    this could be a great activity for today’s snowday!!! I know your kids are not in school, so today only means you are trapped in the house…but in my house, Abbie is bouncing off the wall because she doesn’t have any school! I have to get her to do SOMETHING today (besides watching tv) hahaha