New England Chairs

Have you ever had slip-covered chairs with a three year old? No? Then you are certainly smarter than me. I was washing our IKEA slip-covered chairs every week and they are still incredibly stained. I just about had it the other day when I pull them out of the wash and within a few hours they needed to go back in again. That afternoon the kids and I went to look at a couple of second hand stores for wood chairs that I could redo. We didn’t find anything but a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set for $7.99. Bummer. Until…


AJ, the kids and I went on a little adventure the other day to Ipswich and came home by one of my favorite second-hand stores, the White Elephant Outlet. Right there in the $5 pile where these chairs. They were beat up from sitting outside but I loved the weathered finish and thought it would look great with our kitchen table and our seagrass bar stools.


They have a much more casual look than the IKEA chairs that were previously there and they definitely feel more beachy cottage. The best part is that I won’t have to wash a single slipcover again. :)


Once the kids get bigger, and stop spilling constantly, I have my eye on some linen covered chairs with gorgeous nail head trim. But, that won’t be for a few years yet. For now, these will work… and save my sanity. :)

I hope you have a wonderful day and find some amazing bargains like we just found!  Get ready to link up for tomorrow’s Enchanting Inspiration party at 8pm!


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    Perfection! Love the chairs and family friendly too. You are so wise to opt for style with function.

    Take it from an empty nester … Wood chairs work well for the play dough, finger painting through the teen pizza and soda game night years too.

    You are so wise to opt for what works.

    When our kids brought friends home from college and the house was full of activity, and the occasional mishap. Our kids reassuring their friends … don’t worry our parents are all about “people are more important than things”.

    Enjoy these WONDERUL memory making days with your home filled with love!


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      Wise words from a person whose done it all before… :) I had the slipcovered chairs even prior to meeting AJ so they gave me a good run… just not practical in the food zone.
      Have a wonderful day, Gloria-

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    Your dining room is stunning! I love the whole look of it, the color on the wall is beautiful. I have had chairs with a slip covered seat and have been thinking about replacing them with wood chairs too. I have three kids and they do fine for the most part. But they do have mishaps. I am not one to stress about it at all but the chairs are looking quite shabby and worn. People assume because I have a nice home I hover over my kids or something, and freak out if there is a mess or spill. Not true at all. No matter how pretty it is all stuff. All of it! I make it work.

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      you are totally right… no matter how pretty it is it’s just stuff… such a good thing to remember on a daily basis!
      and thank you for the compliments, emily. :)

  3. Anna Martin says

    Jen–I love it! (Also love that you all got to go to Ipswich :). It is SO NICE when your kids spill and you think, “this doesn’t matter!” But how do you keep your rug clean? We don’t have a rug under our table because there is a steady supply of crumbs there.

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      i try to clean up after them after they spill but honestly it doesn’t always happen and we have stains on the rug. because it’s patterned it hides a lot (someone gave me the great advice to buy patterned because it hides more flaws!). if we are eating a really messy meal that could stain we throw a big towel under them! :)

  4. Jenna says

    Posted, but then my comment vanished! Sigh. Anyway, I said that sometime I would like to go to a place like The White Elephant Shop with you – I need tips on how to find treasure in the chaos! :)

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      I’d love to go treasure hunting with you! Let me know when you are back!

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    I also wanted to ask, I spotted a little of your kitchen and noticed the marble counter tops. How do you like them? I plan to put them in my kitchen but have heard such bad things on daily use and up keep. An honest answer would be awesome! They are gorgeous!

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      I wouldn’t do them again even though they are GORGEOUS. There weren’t any good substitutes out there when we installed them and I think now I’d do a Corian instead because we have so many water stains EVEN WITH THE STAINBLOCKER.

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    I think the new chairs are lovely! I love the tone of them with the table. Ps. I have the linen covered barstools with a 4 year old and it totally works for our family. We eat at the table and the barstools are just used for drawing while I’m cooking or other activities like that. That way, it feels like I’m able to have something beautiful but not be stressed about it either. Anyways, I love what you ended up with!

  7. Nicole says

    Those chairs were made for that room! What a great find.
    Just discovered your website and am in love with your style.

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      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve found the blog! I was pretty thrilled about finding those chairs… I have to do a little bit of repair on them but I do love them. :)