Shutters Everywhere!

I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing this with a container full of cherries next to me. I can’t stop munching. I tell myself “just one more” and then I tell myself that five more times. Somehow the container of cherries has dwindled to half.  I digress. Here is what happened here this weekend. The rest of the shutters went up! (Click HERE to read about how we made the shutters for under $20 a shutter.)



Let me just refresh your memory on what the house looked like the day we bought it:

House Before-001

How is it that some 12 inch boards on each side of the window can make such a difference? We had three shutters on the house for a few days before AJ had time to make the last set. And before he made the last set I had to do a little more house painting around Drew’s window… we hadn’t finished that area because I knew that a new window was going in (at the beginning of June) so on Saturday I finished painting the area, while standing on the porch roof, so AJ could hang the last set of shutters once all the paint was dried.


The paint we used for the shutters was the same paint we used for our front door, Behr Marquee Exterior in Club Navy. This paint is incredible. I felt like after I started using Country Chic Paint on my furniture makeovers that I was ruined for all other paint. No. Thank goodness I found an exterior paint that glides on just beautifully.


Don’t you think the outside looks so much more finished and polished with the shutters?


You’re probably going to think I’m crazy but while walking around the front of the house with Elle the other day I almost started tearing up. Since we bought this house so much has happened. Aside from the crazy life-altering events like having two kids we’ve renovated our house so it works beautifully for us (at least most of the time!). I think I started to almost cry because I saw a vision four and a half years in the making come true. But it was better than we even envisioned when we  bought the house. Back in February 2010 we weren’t even thinking about a front porch, just a new entryway that wouldn’t fall on our heads.


I love that we didn’t have the money to do the renovations all at once… we wouldn’t have been able to have thought and processed about exactly what we wanted like we were able to after waiting four years.


Now I’m itching to get the shutters done on the other side of the house. All the windows are replaced over here so it’ll be the natural next step.


What do you think of the shutters?

If you want to make your own HERE is the very easy tutorial I wrote on how we made ours:



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      Thank you, Carol! We lived with no front porch and no middle window for so long that it feels like a totally different house to us to! So glad to have you reading the blog. :)

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    Jen! I stayed up all night using tracing paper to sketch plans for my little brother’s home makeover, and I literally thought, “Oh! Migonis home–I need to see their exterior” for inspiration.
    And here you are this morning with another update! It looks amazing! Can I ask what color the house and trim are, too? And is it ok to blatantly copy your colors? :) Enjoy your perfect curb appeal; can’t believe how far it’s come!

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      Don’t they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? You can copy anything any day of the week. :) Both the body and shutters / door are by the Behr Marquee line. It’s not in our Home Depot yet (Behr sponsored the painting part of the makeover so they shipped it to us) but I think they said it should be in all stores by September, some stores already have it in stock. The body color is Behr Marquee Gray Gull and the shutters / door are Behr Marquee Club Navy. The Marquee line has their own colors which is why I’m specifying that.
      And how fun that you get to work on plans for your brother’s home makeover! What a great project!!!

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      Thank you, Angela! The tricycle wasn’t even a staged prop… Drew just left it up there after using it earlier in the day. My sister gave it to him for his 2nd birthday and he’s just getting into riding it now… he’s normally found flying around on his Big Wheels. :)

  2. Anna Martin says

    You win “most improved” house any day of the week! It looks SO GREAT, Jen. You all have done great, thoughtful work and I’m so happy for you!

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      Thank you, Anna! Anytime you come back up here to visit I’ll take you on a real live tour. :)

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      It was really so easy, Ashley, and SO much cheaper than buying them!!! :)

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    Your house is the perfect dreamy cottage now! I can’t get over how much better it looks with the added window. That was a great move! The paint job, the shutters, and the porch are the icing on the cake.

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      you are so great, stacey! thank you! hearing “dreamy cottage” makes me so happy! and yes, the added window was such a great decision!

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    I LOVE it so much! I can’t stop starting at the pictures! Love! Such a dramatic change from when you first purchased the house!

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      Isn’t it a crazy change!?! We say all the time that the previous owner would never recognize the house! :) Thank you for writing and reading,Samantha! :)

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      Thank you, Brielle!!! I love seeing photos of your baby girl anytime you post about her! :)

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    Hey Jen, just recently found your blog and love it! And I absolutely love the shutters, they add so much charm! You have done an amazing job on the exterior! My husband and I just recently bought a small home in Wenham that at one point had shutters but had long ago been taken off. I was fortunate enough to find operable shutters in great condition in the perfect size and number (how crazy is that?) for our windows on craigslist that I’m cleaning up and painting now. I can’t wait to get them up! I look forward to seeing more of your projects!

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      That’s incredible that you just found shutters on Craigslist! What an amazing find!
      Thank you so much for writing, Ann… and how fun that you live so close! :)

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    Oh my. How is it possible that you live in the cutest house e-v-e-r?!?!

    I just found your blog and I just had to say hello.

    We DIYed some shutters a few years ago and love the character they added to the front of our house, too. Although now I am itching to change the paint colour… isn’t that how it always goes?


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      Of course that’s always how it goes. :) You are so sweet, thank you, Sarah! How did you find out about my blog? I’m so glad you said hello… comments are such a happy spot in my day! :)
      I went looking for your DIY shutters on your house tour and didn’t find them but I did find the most adorable house! Can I feature it on the blog next week???

  7. Kim R says

    It looks so beautiful, Jen! I know what you mean about not having the funds to do everything at once. Any time I rush those decisions I seem to regret it. And I appreciate it so much more when I have to wait for it.
    I love the beautiful big pictures today, too! All of the angles of your house are so lovely. You and AJ should be very proud of all you have done.

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      Thank you so much, Kim! Isn’t it funny how we think we need the money to do things quickly but in reality waiting generally means a better end product?
      I’ll be sure to do pictures from all angles more often… it was fun to try to get every possible shot!

  8. Vickie says

    Your home looks beautiful!!! Great Job!!! I’ve been a quiet follower for a while now but I just had to say how great your home looks with all the recent work.
    Tallahassee, Florida

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      I’m so glad you wrote, Vickie! Thank you so much… It’s been a slow transformation but definitely worth it!

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    I am dying at the transformation you’ve made Jen! The porch, middle window, ‘all’ the new windows and now shutters! It’s so exciting! :)
    Your home is so beautiful and all your hard work is finally paying off! Yay! So happy for you and your beautiful family!
    Hugs sweet friend!

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      You’re so great, Kristy, thank you! We have a long way to go to make it as finished and gorgeous as your space. :)


    Your house looks amazing. Bravo!!!! I would like to send you photos of the projects at my house but I am a bit shy about them.