Stained Front Doors

A blog reader, Annie, recently asked me what I thought about stained front doors as opposed to painted ones. There weren’t very many houses that I could think of that had a stained door… and besides you know that I love a classically painted door (or one that adds a great pop of color to your house):


…After emailing with Annie I started driving around while being conscious to look out for stained doors and there were surprisingly more than I thought there were, and I loved them! Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen lately, they are definitely classy and go with so many different paint options. This one is close to our house, my guess is they are painting the inside of their door based off the painters tape. :)



Besides loving the front door on this house I adore the updated Cape style to it!



Right around the time we bought our house the house that was previously on this spot, a tiny run-down Cape, was torn down. The builders needed to use the existing foundation and built this house with a small foundation but one that felt so much larger with the front porch and a larger footprint for the first and second floor than the basement had.



This is one of my all time favorite houses around. I wish I was able to get a shot of the whole house for you but it is tall and skinny. It was built on a teeny tiny lot and they utilized the space so well. I love the pergolas over the windows and how they coordinate so well with the stained doors.



I wish I had a “before” of this house to show you. This is the classic example of how changing a couple of things to the exterior of you home can give new life to a space. The shingles were SO old and stained from years of rain and sun to the darkest and most uneven brown. The existing door wasn’t there, in it’s place was a beat up sliding glass door. Oh, and the house had red trim. To say this is a welcome improvement, which I see frequently while running, is an understatement.


For good measure I found a few stained garage doors that are amazing. They look so quality and substantial! (I’ve got another really dynamite one coming, but that’s next week for another post!).




 Anyone thinking of adding a stained front door to your house? I love them! Want to remind yourself of these ideas? Use this super easy graphic to pin.

Stained Door Overlay


  1. Steph says

    I guess I like a good ol painted door with a pop of color. Maybe I would like stained more if there was a greater contrast of color compared to the house.

    • says

      I think you’re right, there definitely needs to be some great contrast otherwise it just looks too monochromatic!

  2. Kim R says

    I lean toward a painted door over a stained. It usually has more impact, although several of these are very pretty. I am a little prejudice because our last house had a stained door that was exposed to the elements including afternoon sun. It required quite a bit of upkeep and I think a painted door would have held up better.

    I really like the house you said was one of your all time favorites. The stained wood trim that “holds up” the balcony and the shed roof over the door and window is a great architectural feature. I see things like this and think – who would have thought to do that? I like the railings on that house, too. If you can, please share more pictures of this one in the future.