Tour Through Blogland

I’m partnering with a few of my friends on a “Tour Through Blogland”… and we have to answer some questions about ourselves. I love these kind of things! :)

What am I working on now?

Nothing. I’m on vacation in Maine with my family and it’s great to have a break from projects for a week even if my mind is constantly brainstorming. Here’s our cottage… my parents and my Dad’s two siblings and their spouses rebuilt it about five years ago. It was pretty bad before…


My parents are rehabbing this adorable little cottage down the road from the cottage my parents own with two of my Dad’s siblings and it’s going to be fantastic. I have been documenting some of the progress over there, and meeting their builder,during this week.


I’m brainstorming another Makeover Month. After reading Dave Ramsey’s book about eliminating debt I’ve been brainstorming a fun way to do that and simultaneously make  the blog more interesting for my readers… Maybe a makeover series like I did in February? What do you think?

How does my work differ from others in the DIY / Decorating genre?


We live in a smaller space than just about any of the blogs that I’ve read or see. In the scheme of things our 1600 square foot Cape isn’t teeny tiny, and I know it’s abundantly more than so many people have. But unlike many of the gorgeous homes in blogland our home has no guest room, no dining room, no linen closet and one 5 x6 bathroom. It’s small. It has the basics. But I can’t say it’s practical… or at least it wasn’t when we moved in. We’ve been slowly adding practicality to our small house as we figure out what is best for our family. We’ve carved out closets out of dead space and have dreamed about adding in built-ins in our bedroom to maximize our space and use what space we have wisely. We’ve widened and made doorways so that the house flows better for daily living (and it makes it a thousand times more party friendly now. :)).

Additionally, AJ is a huge asset to our team. We bought a house in a very expensive town which meant we are doing a lot A LOT of the work ourselves. He has reworked so much of this house himself, like installing our kitchen and bathroom, laying the hardwood floors in our bedroom and reframing doorways.

Why do I write and create what I do?

media kit

When I was in high school and college I loved scrapbooking. This blog is my 2014 version of a scrapbook… the place where I store our before and after photos, our memories about what our space looked like before we tackled it… This blog is a motivator to get things done. If I have a blog post to do that means a project that I’ve been needing to get done around the home gets done. It gives deadlines.

But in addition to that it’s that without working full-time outside of the home I need a creative outlet. I need a place to meet with other like-minded individuals who are renovating, creating and doing this with small children.

How does my writing and creating process work?

Sometimes frantically… like when I have a deadline for a $30 Thursday post. :) But when I’m blogging about our regular home updates I try to mark out what I want to talk about on Saturday or Sunday so I have a schedule for myself for the week. It definitely keeps me organized to know exactly what I’m going to talk about during the week since I need to get photos during those magic houses right after sunrise or before sunset (this time is usually more practical for me to get my shots because AJ will watch the kids while I frantically clean and then photograph). The photos I envision taking typically dictate what I write. Sometimes the writing will happen while the kids nap and then then I edit and add in all the photos after they go to bed.

Just about every single night of the work week I’m working on editing a post.

Okay… but the creating process: I want to create things we’ll actually use and enjoy. My favorite kind of posts are the ones where we are doing really visible improvements to our house, like adding the middle window. I want to add value (both emotional and financial) to our home instead of buying a $100 worth of craft supplies to make a different wreath every month (I average 1ish per season instead that can be reused).

Something like brainstorming our Christmas decorations starts now. Generally August is when I start getting really excited about Christmas (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one… ).

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Hi there! I’m Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage! My handy husband and I live on our farm in Colorado where we just built our new home. One room at a time, we’re adding those custom touches and cottage/ farmhouse style that we love. When I’m not sweet talkin’ my handsome husband into helping me with my latest DIY idea, you can find me on our back patio sippin’ sweet tea, watching our crops grow or giving a bit of TLC to one fixer upper at a time!

Jamie from So Much Better With Age blogs about French & Vintage decor.  If it was made in France, chances are she bought it ridiculously overpriced so it’s great that she balances that with junk and vintage finds throughout her house.  She also loves keeping every area of her house organized, baking from scratch, throwing cute parties and finding junk or old furniture and making it look pretty.   


  1. Amie says

    Did you enjoy the Dave Ramsey book? I’ve been shopping for something on the $ / debt topic.

    • says

      love love loved it. It was so challenging! I would highly recommend it!

  2. says

    Ha! I love your honesty with the “scrambling around” before a $30 Thursday post! I’m the saaaame way! And yes! I vote for another makeover series!!! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your vacay!!

    • says

      Always. Always scrambling. For some reason I know the date is coming all month and yet I still scramble.
      Makeover series it is… :)

  3. Maureen says

    Hi, I was just wondering if clicking to read more would be a permanent change to your site going forward?

    • says

      yes… I know it’s a pain but I did it because I’ve found that I can miss posts on other’s sites if I’m not seeing all the posts from that week right in front of me.