Ways to Decorate for Summer (that won’t die!)

As I was looking around my house yesterday I realized that I had a lot of decorations this year that I designed to last. I love (okay, adore) flowers as much as the next person but since I don’t have a garden that is brimming over with flowers and my wallet won’t let me constantly buy fresh flowers every time I enter Trader Joe’s I’ve came up with some other options:

Coastal Style that won't die 1

If you’ve read this blog for more than five seconds you’ll know I’m in love with our driftwood garland. I got this one from a store called Reny’s in Maine. That store has the most random assortment of stuff I’ve ever seen but I’ve found some fabulous things there. I’ve heard there is some driftwood garland at Home Goods and I think I saw it at Pottery Barn, as well. I love how the driftwood garland looks with hydrangeas when I can grab some from my mom’s garden.


This little vase took all of five seconds to whip up. I just threw some sand, pieces of driftwood and starfish into a vase together. The starfish are from Christmas Tree Shop and the driftwood and sand I collected from the beach last summer.


Earlier this year I made this sign with the coordinates for Manchester by the Sea on it. The whole mantle has been up all season and is filled to the brim with worn stones from Pebble Beach in glass jars and this sign.


Speaking of stones from Pebble Beach… this low wooden holder sits under our hanging wine glasses now and it’s the perfect way to add a beachy feeling with out getting too seashell-y or starfish happy.


For good measure I popped some into our pallet box behind our couch. It’s the perfect divider from the living part of the room so we can’t see all the bills that AJ has pilled up. :)



This coral and sea glass centerpiece took about ten seconds to make. I just filled the bottom of each vase or apothecary jar with the sea glass from Christmas Tree Shops and topped each with some coral. I love how it looks sitting right next to my sink and I never have to worry about it. It’ll be up for three months and it’ll look just as good as when I first set it up on the day I take it down.


What are your ideas for decorating with things that won’t die? Weigh in here, friends! I’d love to hear your ideas!

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